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Why should you create an estate plan now? That's the easy questions – it is the same reason why we buy life insurance. We make the "how" and "where" to get an estate plan easy too. Our attorneys are focused on you and what you care about, so you can focus on more important things like when you child's soccer game is.
Will your family be able to handle the finances if you are incapacitated? Will they have to pay unnecessary taxes? These are just a few of the questions that the estate planning attorneys of Maloof Law Group, APC can answer.
We walk you through what you do need and what you do not need, so you can be confident about the future. Allow us to help you ensure that your property goes to the people you care about.
At a minimum, your family should have the following documents:
Our Trust Package includes all of the above at a very reasonable and competitive price. Please contact us for details.
Your family may also be able to take advantage of additional tax savings through other types of trusts. A free consultation with one of our estate planning lawyers can help you determine affordable options for your property.
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