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Divorce encompasses a variety of emotions, but rarely is one of those "happy." As such, it is a challenge to practice in the area of divorce law, since clients are pre-disposed to less-healthy attitudes and emotions. Adding to the feelings of frustration are the lack of control, feeling of uncertainty, and general resentment for what the other party did to contribute to the situation.
Maloof Law Group, APC knows how divorcees feel. We have spoken to hundreds of people in that position and have seen the full range of responses. The difference with us, however, is that we do not leave those emotions to fester and distract from the process, but rather help our clients through those issues and hopefully channel that energy into empowering, constructive solutions. We are not counselors, of course, but we often serve in that capacity by default, and we take pride in serving our clients professionally in a personal way, just like our slogan says.
If you are facing divorce, have the competent but compassionate attorneys at the Maloof Law Group, APC help you with the several legal and financial issues at stake. We would be honored to serve you during this time of difficulty and uncertainty. Please contact us today to speak with one of our divorce lawyers.
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