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This is the classic courtroom drama. Each party has his or her own attorney and, with much fanfare, every bit of evidence is poured over, every witness is called to the stand, and every effort is made to gain every advantage possible. Certainly, some of these matters are more contentious than others, and most family law disputes and conflicts settle short of going to trial, but that does not mean that a series of hearings have not occurred, and much money has been spent.
Maloof Law Group, APC acknowledges this manner of resolving disputes, and though neither we nor our clients can entirely control a given situation, we strive to make the best out of the classic adversarial system. This means we utilize discretion, charge reasonable fees, pick battles, and seek to find reasonable compromise (consented to by our clients in advance) so as to ensure an outcome that is as favorable as possible at the lowest cost of time and money as possible.
This is not an easy task, but Maloof Law Group, APC has proven in many instances that it can be done, and done successfully. We can and will fight for your rights and safety, but we can and will also do so in a way that keeps the "big picture" clearly in view. In order to do this, we are selective in what litigated matters we choose as some opposing parties and some opposing counsels do not share in our desire for workable solutions and efficient outcomes.

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