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Mediation has both family law parties sit at a common table with a common facilitator who provides each with valuable information, controls the cadence of the conversation, and ensures that each party gets an opportunity to be heard. As a result, the mediator brings about agreements that were otherwise unreachable, and then distills those agreements into the documents necessary to convert them into orders of the court. The mediator him or herself has no authority to make decisions, as a court does, but simply acts as a means to educate the parties and search for workable solutions to problems previously thought unsolvable. Some cases should not proceed by mediation (domestic violence cases, for instance), but many cases that could have been handled through mediation get sidetracked by an expensive and time-consuming litigation process.
Mediation has you give up no rights at all, but allows you to explore differences and reach solutions together, hopefully restoring your relationship somewhat so that you can part on the best terms possible. Contact us to schedule a joint consultation now if you would like to learn more!
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